We produce all kind of 3D lenticulars. We are a complete and professional lenticularproducts supplier in China. lenticularimage gives the effect of motion or action when moved side to side. Viewing a lenticularproduct is one of enthusiasm and enjoyment.

lenticulargraphics is made from small lens which are rows of convex lens embossed onto the plastic surface. Under the refraction of these small lenses, the images underneath can be made to move, animate, zoom or even appear 3 dimensional.


The most important part of complete lenticularproduction is the creation of lenticular image. It affects the quality of final products. The source image including 3D photograph, 2D merchant photos or computer image,. these images are processed into a lenticularimage by computer.


FLIPPING, 3D,3D + 2 FLIPS Lenticular

2-3 flipping (views changing) and 3 dimensional effects (with depth illustion) are the most popular. Depending on the actual requirements of your customers, we could combine up to 12 different pictures together and create various kinds of special lenticularmoving effects, namely animation, zooming, morphing and etc.

Under some circumstances, 3 dimensional effects could be combined with 2 flipping and results in picture that could, on one hand, reserve the eye-catching and appealing properties of 3 dimensional effects, whereas, on the other side, could have some dynamic and vivid moving properties of flipping.



As a matter of fact, it is feasible to derive various kinds of special effects with careful selection of different frames. When we use different sizes of the same objects - let's say, your company's name or logo, we could create "Zooming" effect which could allow focus to be concentrated on the main theme of your designs. Frames of the same motion can also be combined together to create "Animation" moving effect. Two utterly different pictures can be made to change from one to another seaminglessly just like the "Morphing" effect of many movies.

With our state-of-art lenticular3d printing technology, a large number of creative marketing ideas will now become viable. Please don't hesitate to call us now. We are always ready to discuss with you on how to fully exploit the value-added properties of this lenticular3d technolgy to your products.

Five lenticulareffects are created with lenticulargraphics.

3D/Depth Images Lenticular
Lenticular's 3D image has very good depth and so real, it looks like that you can reach through and touch it!

Motion Images(Animation) Lenticular
Experience the effect of full-motion video on a printed piece!

Morph Images Lenticular
lenticularimage transform itself into another magically!

Zoom Lenticular

lenticularimages go from out to in and back without ducking!

Flip Lenticular

Flip Images changes when lenticular is viewed from different angles.




lenticular APPLICATIONS:

lenticular Cards

Conversion cards, playing cards, postcards, window display, collection cards, notebook or magazine covers, posters, rulers, CD or Jewellery box covers, watch surface, puzzles, labels, hang tags, brochure or magazine inserts, business or name cards, book marks, rulers, calendars, and etc. 

lenticular Stickers

giveaway items, advertising or promotional gift and premiums, mailing seal and anti-counterfeit logos or label, toy's parts, memo pad, and etc.

lenticular Badges

3d labels, 3d stickers, materials for school bags, light box, coin purses, wallets, handbags, photo-frame, organizers, parts of window displayed items, diary, mobile phone case.  Also, sewed or ultra-sonic welding to T-shirt, jacket, coverings of lighters, cap or shoe.  

lenticular Posters

3D posters,lenticular posters,3d lenticular posters,changing posters
Other Lenticulars Mousepads, keychains, coasters, placemats, magnets, badges with pin, book covers, pens, organizers, watch and clock surfaces, buttons, games cards, lucky drawing cards, notebook keychains and various kinds of novelties.



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E-mail: 3d@lenticular.mobi

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